Reminiscence, an ongoing project in progress since 2022, is about the inner conflicts of Debsuddha that rests within his thought that human life is beyond logic. Furthermore, that life is predestined in a way that cannot be logically justified. This conflict has made the photographer psychologically tired, owing to dramatic situations changed after losing his father in 2021-another instance of predestiny.

Through the imagery, Debsuddha explores these exhausting occurrences that have been playing a significant role in his life. - By Zahra Amiruddin

“ …….. But for Debsuddha, it is not simply a medium or a tool to depict the world, or explain its issues. Rather, it seems that for him, the making of images is a way to truly be alive – to be open and vulnerable, to be willing to feel pain, loss, grief, feelings almost too much to bear in ordinary life. But also, crucially, to accept and celebrate deep love, care, and affection, to engage in play and laughter, and to celebrate what it feels like to live. So, his work does not ever explain what it means to suffer or to burst with joy, but when you encounter it, you cannot help but feel it. “ - Adira Thekkuveettil