Epilogue is an ongoing body work in progress since 2021 is based on the expression of the self realizations, grief of the photographer himself which has formed psychologically due to the years long broken relationship with his father. The extreme tiffs due to the father son ego that is a nature born universal phenomenon of human being, has taken a much longer period of time to be understood by the both of them. After several decades later the depletion of their relationship started to decrease and revive gradually and both of them have started open up to each other beyond the common relationship but the sudden death of the photographer’s father in 2021 has kept in unresolved forever which creates more pain due to the self realizations.

So, altogether the project is a monologue of the photographer which he believes it is an ode to a broken relationship of a father and his son by expressing the unresolved psychological bond and unending grief to connect with his deceased father.