Departure is a self-exploration based on my journey of psychological conflict with my father I had in the last twenty years. Our decade-long broken relationship due to psychological rivalry has taken a longer period to understand that the root cause of the issue is the masculine ego, a fatal natural law, psychoanalytically which is called the Oedipus complex. After a long period, the depletion and complexity of our relationship were slowly decreasing and I started to sense the recuperation of our bonding that was driving me to understand and accept him as an individual instead of considering him just as a father. But his sudden death in 2021 that kept the recuperation unresolved forever. The self-realization about the presence of Oedipus complex issue within the father-son relationship evokes a sense of capacious grief within me and introduced me to a pristine perception of the dynamics of human relationships.

As one of the protagonists of the project, I have been visually exploring my present psychological journey to create a virtual bridge for unsung communication with my father posthumously through self-portraits and visual metaphors.