Belonging is an ongoing body of work that has been continuing since 2020, intends to visually narrate the lives of my two aunts, Gayatri and Swati who have been living as well as dealing with psychological claustrophobia led by social seclusion throughout their life for being born as an albino in the metropolitan city Kolkata in India. Along with all crude experiences they have faced through their life, it is also a story about their sisterly companionship, love, affection for each other, and also hope that they still possess deep down their cognitive state. Being a photographer and their nephew I try to observe and witness their resilience through my own affection and understanding I have with my aunts.

″… it’s a space of warmth, it’s a home that is lived in and loved…that is what these pictures have. They cut across space and time to the totality of life. They are beautiful, they are creative, they are joyful, but at the same time they are also a little bit sad. Which is what life is. Every time I look at these images, that is what I return to, the spirit and the soul of Swati and Gayatri, two sisters who inhabit one of the most beautiful photo series I have ever seen.″

Colin Pantall